Chang Hong CH-3A

Ch-3a is an integrated reconnaissance and attack system, which integrates various information systems and breaks through the key technology of integration of reconnaissance and attack. It can not only detect, but also carry out accurate strikes on fixed and moving targets on the ground. The entire weapon system consists of 1 ground control station and 3 uAVs and related payloads and weapons. In addition, a new AR-1(Archer 1) laser semi-active guided air-to-ground missile was successfully equipped with the CH-3A reconnaissance and combat integrated UAV system. The AR-1 can also be mounted on a helicopter for combat. The missile belongs to a new generation of air-ground anti-tank missile, comparable to the United States AGM-114 helfa helicopter anti-tank missile, its most important feature can be launched at a high altitude, so that it can be higher than the shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile firing range, improve the survivability of the aircraft platform. Moreover, the projectile can be launched at a large off-axis Angle, which reduces the difficulty of launching and makes it easier to capture the launching time. It is very suitable for fixed-wing UAV.

The CH-3A UAV can carry an electro-optical reconnaissance payload and two AR-1 laser semi-active guided surface missiles (or GPS precision guided bombs) for ground attack with an accuracy of less than 1.5 meters. Ch-3a unmanned after a number of markets and local events baptism, has become a perfect monitoring and combat integrated UAV platform. Ch-3A UAV technical indicators are at the advanced international level, which shows China’s great progress in uav field and also gives foreign countries a new understanding of the strength of Chinese UAV.

Specifications Payload (kg): 180 maximum Endurance (h): 6 with maximum payload Ceiling (Km): 4 Max Range (km): 960


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